Custom Made Draperies & Blinds

Draperies are classic window treatments that work with any decorating style. Whatever you choose – drapery panels in slubby linen with banding, striped silk draperies in a waterfall style, pinch pleated draperies in a trendy new sheer or grommet draperies in a bold print fabric – custom draperies are an elegant solution.

Why Choose Custom Window Treatments From TWF?

  • Your Custom Window Treatments Will Fit Perfectly They’re tailor-made for your windows; nothing comes out of a box. And since our certified workrooms make everything to our exact specifications, from stitch length to hem allowance, the quality is guaranteed 100%.
  • Our Custom Draperies Are Lush, Not Skimpy Proper fullness is the key to a custom look. Most ready-mades have only 1-1½ to 2 times fullness. Ours are made with the right fullness for the chosen fabric — usually 2½ to 3 times. Pleats are deep for a sumptuous look.
  • Drapery Linings Make All The Difference The right drapery lining adds body, protects your fabrics — and makes your draperies, shades, swags and cascades look stunning. We offer eight different types of linings and will help you select the one that’s best for you aesthetically and functionally.

Selecting Window Treatments

Here are a few considerations to help you choose the right window treatment styles:

Consider the color and style of the furnishings in the room. Are you happy with the current look and feel of the room? Do you want the room to be formal or informal, tailored or decorative, luxurious or understated?

What do you want your custom window treatments to do? Do they need to clear a door or stop short of bookcases? Provide glare control, privacy or baffle street noise? How do you want them to function?

Consider the investment you have in furnishings, art and carpets in your room — and whether sun damage is a risk. Sheers, handkerchief linen curtains, window shades, blinds or shutters will protect your good furnishings from fading without being too intrusive. They will still admit light and soften the glare — and provide an element of privacy at night.

Total Window Fashions focuses on selling custom made blinds & draperies. Available through our special order arrangement.

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  • Horizon Window Fashions- including custom made draperies
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