Ready Made Curtain Panels

ready-made-curtain-panels-img Elegantly dress your windows with ready-made curtain panel, available in tabs, grommet, back tabs & rod pocket. Choose from a wide range of curtain fabrics, contemporary, modern and traditional curtain fabrics available to your requirements. Please call us at 345 325 9769 for Beautiful ready made curtains.

Achieving A Custom Look With Ready Made Curtains & Draperies

Let’s face it—in the current economy, hiring a decorator is just too expensive. But everyone still wants to have beautiful, distinctive window treatments that express their own sense of style. What’s the solution? Ready -made curtains, draperies and accessories! TWF can customize your ready-made curtains that are both easy and affordable.

First, it’s important to understand the difference between ready- made and custom window treatments. Ready-made window treatments are exactly that: curtains or draperies that are already made in a standard length and width. These differ from custom window treatments, which are measured and made to order to fit a specific window. Custom window coverings typically are purchased through a designer or decorator and are much pricier than ready-made window coverings, which typically are sold “off the rack” and are significantly less expensive.

Just because you don’t hire a decorator doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of some common techniques to maximize the impact and visual appeal of your window treatments.